Omega Flex Named Vendor of the Year by N.B. Handy Company’s HVAC Division

Omega Flex, IncEXTON, PA (August 06, 2012) – Omega Flex, Inc. (NASDAQ:OFLX), the preeminent international producer of quality engineered flexible metallic products, today announced it is has been named the vendor of the year by N.B. Handy Company’s heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) division. The award is given to the supplier who receives the highest aggregate score across approximately 20 measurements of quality, including growth, lead-times, and fill rates. This is the first full year in which OmegaFlex worked with N.B. Handy.
Established in 1891, N.B. Handy Company services commercial and residential contractors in HVAC and roofing throughout the mid-Atlantic and southeastern United States. The company is a member of Affiliated Distributors, a community of more than 500 independent distributors and manufacturers spanning seven industries and two countries with collective annual sales of more than $23 billion.
“We are very proud of our Vendor Performance Evaluation Program and the strong, productive, transparent relationships it enables us to build with our vendors,” said Sam Meeks, Vice President, Vendor Management and Procurement. “We chose Omegaflex as our Vendor of the Year because of their dedication and commitment to consistently perform way above expectations in the areas of delivery, finance, service and growth. Omegaflex is a major contributor to the success of N.B. Handy and we appreciate our alliance with such a fine company as an integral part of our overall business strategy.”
“World-class customer service is a hallmark of Omega Flex, and we are honored to receive this award from N.B. Handy,” said Kevin Hoben, chief executive officer of Omega Flex, Inc. “To be recognized by an industry leader across 20 very competitive categories is a testament to how we help our partners better support their customers. Quality and public safety are core to our company, and we remain committed to providing the best and safest CSST product – CounterStrike® – to our wholesale partners to ensure their installations surpass their customers’ expectations and comply with all code requirements.”
About TracPipe® CounterStrike® CSST
TracPipe® CounterStrike® from Omega Flex, Inc. is designed to be more resistant to damage from transient electrical arcing than conventional gas piping materials. In a lightning strike, the electrical energy of the lightning can energize all electrical and mechanical components in a building. This electrical energy, in attempting to reach ground, may arc between systems that have different electrical potential, and arcing can cause damage to any of these systems. TracPipe® CounterStrike® is designed with an electrically conductive jacket to dissipate this energy, protecting the gas-carrying stainless steel core.
About Omega Flex, Inc.
Established in 1975, Omega Flex, Inc. is the pre-eminent international producer of flexible metallic piping products. With more than 90 patents registered worldwide, Omega Flex® supplies proprietary products for a broad number of applications and markets, which include primary steel production, semi-conductor, medical, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, residential, residential and commercial construction, and power generation.
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