AutoSnap® Straight Fittings

AutoSnap Gas Pipe Fittings
Representative photo(s) of the parts in this group. For a complete list please see chart on this page or TracPipe Price Sheet.

The new AutoSnap® fittings are the only CSST fitting that do not require disassembly or reassembly of the fitting to the tubing…Just Twist, Snap, Tighten and you are Done!

DescriptionPart NumberSizePkg Qty.Weight/LbsUnit
AutoSnap 3/8"FGP-SFST-3753/8"24/box0.3each
AutoSnap 1/2"FGP-SFST-5001/2"24/box0.4each
AutoSnap 3/4"FGP-SFST-7503/4"16/box0.5each
AutoSnap 1"FGP-SFST-10001"16/box0.7each
AutoSnap 1 1/4"FGP-SFST-12501 1/4"6/box0.9each
AutoSnap 1 1/2"FGP-SFST-15001 1/2"4/box1.3each
AutoSnap 2"FGP-SFST-20002"4/box2.2each
Spare Snap Rings 3/8"FGP-SRING-3753/8"5/pack0.04pack
Spare Snap Rings 1/2"FGP-SRING-5001/2"5/pack0.06pack
Spare Snap Rings 3/4"FGP-SRING-7503/4"5/pack0.08pack
Spare Snap Rings 1"FGP-SRING-10001"5/pack0.17pack
Spare Snap Rings 1 1/4"FGP-SRING-12501 1/4"2/box0.8pack
Spare Snap Rings 1 1/2"FGP-SRING-15001 1/2"2/box1.4pack
Spare Snap Rings 2"FGP-SRING-20002"2/box1.8pack
FGP-CAWEB-38 (03/15)